Estd 2018



I am a trader pretty much all my life, and I have had my shares of ups and down in this line. 

To quote a line from the F1 documentary on Netflix, “the highs are very high, and the lows are very low”.

Most of the retail traders in the world over, make losses in trading. This happens mostly because they take trades where chances of huge losses can happen, and they get wiped out in one or two such trades.
This in turn, is because of the fact that retail traders are bad in Execution/hitting stop losses.

Now, this is a huge source of personal pain for me. I have seen people getting wiped out in the markets many times, and I personally have experienced the lows in trading earlier. For me, more than anything else the motivation for ProFX was to do something about it.

The solution was simple. As long as retail Traders/Investors trade with limited losses, they have a chance of staying alive, and eventually becoming profitable.

Also, I realized that if people are made aware of the risks they are running, and nudged towards doing the right things, their trading/investing behavior does change.

Anyway, back to the story. I combined all these ideas and started ProFX. Our aim is:

  • To give people like you and me a meaningful way to be profitable in the markets.
  • If not profitable, at the bare minimum we want to be able to avoid complete blow ups for retail traders.
    The way I see it, “Reduce the cost of Entertainment”

  • Change people’s mentality in trading from get-rich-quickly to get-there-steadily.
  • Peace of mind, better sleep, not being glued to the screen, a more fulfilling quality life for traders.
  • Of course, the absurd dream, as impossible as it sounds, is to make the small guy win.